How To Choose A Plumber

There are many thing your should consider before hiring a plumber to come in to your home or office. Failure to do a proper background check on the plumber you are going to hire could wind up costing you more money then the plumber.

Is Your Plumber Licensed?

Its a tough world out there these days and everyone is out to make a buck from you; including unlicensed plumbers, who give licensed plumbers a bad name. When you call the plumber you will want to ask them two questions first. Are they licensed to plumb in your area and also what is there license number. If the plumber does not have a valid plumbing license you do not want to hire that plumber no matter how good he or she is.

Hiring a plumber without a plumbing license can be a bad mistake that you will never forget. Licensed plumber have to take a test to make sure that they know plumbing theory and repair. If an unlicensed plumber comes into your home or business and does not repair your plumbing correctly and something happens you won’t be covered by your insurance company and you just created another mess for yourself.

Get Multiple Plumbing Repair Quotes

Once you find a few licensed plumbers in your area that actually hold a valid plumbing license you can have some piece of mind that your plumbing repair will be completed without any hassle. But wait, there is something else you will need to know when you are hiring a plumber. You should also make sure that the plumber is giving you the best price for the job. Now, I am not saying that the plumber is ripping you off or does not deserve to get paid for his time, but it only makes sense to get three quotes before hiring a plumber.

If you get three plumbing quotes for the same repair you will notice that one of the plumbers will be more expensive then the next. You do not want to go with the lowest or “cheapest” plumbing repair either. You can pick the lowest price if you think that plumber is best for the job, but do not just pick a plumber because he is cheap. All licensed plumbers specialize in different areas of plumbing repair. So make sure that the plumber you are hiring has years of experience with the type of repair you are asking them to preform.